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Identification Requirements

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Why we require identification

Like any rental company, we require a physical or digital copy of your identification to confirm your identity (name, residential address and age).

Our team or courier driver may also request to sight your ID upon pickup or delivery to verify your booking is being received by you (or a person nominated by you).

Accepted forms of identification

We only accept Australian driver’s licences or government-issued photo cards. We do not accept passports or international forms of identification.

Your identification should include your: name, photo, residential address, date of birth and date of expiry.

Submitting your identification

After booking, you will be directed to submit a digital copy of your identification via a secure encrypted form.

Alternatively, you may photocopy both sides of your licence and provide us with a physical copy when picking up in-store (not available for delivery).

When submitting your identification we strongly recommend blanking out your licence number/s to protect your identity.

Protecting your information

To protect your information, we use an end-to-end encrypted service to accept and store ID submissions.

We routinely delete identification records within 90 days. You can also request immediate deletion upon return.

We will never share your identification with any third-party unless you breach your contractual obligations. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Do you require my ID, or will you need the ID of the person who is picking up?

We require the person who is taking responsibility for the equipment (the Hirer) to submit a copy of their ID to remain on file for the duration of the hire.

If you are the Hirer and somebody is picking up on your behalf, you can nominate them as your authorised representative by writing to us at with your booking number and the full name of the nominated person.

We will ask to sight the persons ID upon pickup to ensure they are the person nominated, but a copy will not be held on file.

What if I don’t have a driver’s licence? Do you accept other forms of ID?

The person taking responsibility for the hire (the Hirer) must provide a valid Australian drivers licence or government-issued photo card that includes the Hirer's:

  • Full Name
  • Photo
  • Residential Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Expiry

If you don't possess a valid form of identification a friend or family member can become the Hirer by completing this form.

Can I redact any information on my driver’s license before providing it?

We need the following information to be visible on your licence submission:

  • Full Name
  • Photo
  • Residential Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Expiry

You are welcome to redact or blank out any other information, and we recommend blanking out your licence number/s for added security.

Can I just show you my ID on pickup or show the driver on delivery?

A copy of your licence must remain on file for the duration of your hire. This copy must be submitted digitally in advance or a printed photocopy of both sides of your licence must be provided to us upon pickup (not available for delivery).

What happens if my driver’s licence has expired?

We can only accept valid Australian driver's licences. If you have been issued a temporary licence, please contact our team for further options.

If you do not possess a valid or temporary licence a friend or family member will need to nominate themselves as the Hirer (the person who takes for responsibility for the equipment for the duration of the hire). They can nominate themselves as the Hirer here.

Can I provide a digital license?

Yes, you can submit a screenshot of your digital licence via our secure form or supply a printed copy during pickup. Be sure to blank out your licence number/s for security.

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