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Book online

Create a booking online and select Click & Collect during checkout.

Bookings must be placed online prior to arrival, we don't accept walk-in bookings.

Step Two

Submit identification & rental bond

Before you pickup your booking, you'll need to meet our ID and Rental Bond requirements.

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ID Requirements Rental Bond

Step Three

Pickup your booking

Collect your booking from our Sydney or Melbourne locations during pickup hours.

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Sydney Melbourne

Step Four

Return your booking

Pack down your equipment neatly and return it during return hours.

Your rental bond will be released when your booking is returned on-time and in the same condition as it was received.

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Where do I park?

Both our Sydney and Melbourne fulfilment locations have convenient onsite parking making it quick and easy to pickup and return your booking.

Why do I need to provide ID?

Just like booking a hotel room or renting a car, we require a valid Australian ID (displaying your current residential address) so we can confirm your identity.

Customer ID's are permanently deleted from our systems within 90 days of hire, but you can request immediate deletion as soon as your hire is completed.

We do not share your identification with third parties (unless you severely breach your contractual obligations) and we take great care in handling our customers data per our privacy policy.

Can I send someone else to pickup for me?

Yes! When submitting your driver's licence you will have the option to nominate an authorised representative to pickup on your behalf.

Alternatively, just send us an email with the name of the person you'd like to pickup. We'll sight their ID on arrival to make sure we're handing your booking to the right person.

Where are you located and when do I pickup?

We're located in St Peters (Sydney) and Port Melbourne (Melbourne), click your nearest fulfilment location to view specific pickup and return hours.

Will you show me how to use the items when I pick up?

Good news, there's no need! Simply scan the QR code on each item for easy-to-follow setup instructions.

Be sure to setup your booking during support hours, that way you can contact our support team if you need further assistance.

It's never been easier to hire equipment for your event.

We've streamlined the process helping you to easily select, book, and use our gear.

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