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Incidental Fees

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Why we charge incidental fees

Incidental fees are charged for the following reasons:

  • Late return (of one or more items)
  • Equipment returned in poor condition (e.g. dirty or messy)
  • Activated liquid detection labels
  • Damage or loss of equipment

The cost of incidental fees

Typically incidental fees are covered by the rental bond amount, but in rare situations (e.g. longer overdue returns, equipment damage or loss, etc) the cost can exceed the value of the rental bond.

Fees will vary depending on the nature and volume of the charges.

How incidental fees are charged

When incidental fees are incurred we capture the rental bond to cover the charges, update the tax invoice and email it to the hirer.

In rare circumstances where fees exceed the value of the rental bond, the balance owing will be charged to the card used to make the booking.

How to avoid incidental fees

We hate charging fees, so here are the best ways you can avoid them:

  • Return your booking on time
  • Make sure you return all items (including remotes, cables, covers and stands)
  • Return the equipment in the same condition it was received (taking photos before unpacking can help)
  • Keep drinks and liquids away from the equipment

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What happens if I return late?

Late return will result in late fees and the capture of your rental bond.

Late fees are calculated as a nightly hire rate for each day your booking remains overdue.

Late fees can be avoided by returning all items on time, don't forget the remotes, cables, covers and stands!

If you anticipate returning late, contact our Customer Support team immediately.

What is classified as 'poor condition'?

We expect that customers return our equipment the same way it was received:

  • Placed neatly in the transport tubs/covers provided
  • Clean of dirt, dust or grime (wipe clean before return)
  • Stickers, cable ties and tags still affixed
  • Free of damage

Equipment returned dirty, messy, damaged or altered in anyway is considered 'poor condition'.

What happens if I damage or lose equipment?

If you damage or lose equipment, you must notify our Customer Support team immediately.

If equipment is lost or returned damaged, your rental bond will be captured immediately and our team will inspect the equipment upon return to calculate the cost of repairs or replacement.

The balance of the cost not covered by the rental bond will be charged to the card used to make the booking.

What are liquid detection labels?

Liquid detection labels change colour when they come into contact with a significant amount of liquid (such as alcohol or other beverages).

Liquids present great risk of damage to electrical components and involves significant cost in examination, repair or even replacement of affected items.

Liquid detection activation will result in the capture of your rental bond in full and additional fees may apply if significant damage occurs.

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