Hazer, Fog and Smoke Machine Hire

Create a spooky atmosphere or enhance any party lighting effect with a Hazer or Smoke Machine.

Hazers slowly disperse a fine ‘misting’ effect that is ideal for performance and cinematography.

Smoke Machines disperse a more visible and intense burst of fog commonly used to enhance dance floor lighting effects for parties and events.

Hazer and Smoke Machine Hire is easy, simply plug into power, allow the units to heat up and use the remotes provided to deliver the intended effect.

We’ve made it simple and easy to pick-up, set-up and use a Hazer or Smoke Machine in Sydney and Melbourne.

Simply Choose:

  • Between a Hazer or a Smoke Machine
  • How long you need to hire for (affordable early-pick options available)
  • Local Pick up or Delivery (add a Delivery option to your cart)