Smoke and Haze Machine Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Smoke and Haze Machine Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Welcome to DJ Warehouse, your party hire one-stop shop. Looking to add a little mystery or atmosphere to your next event? Party smoke machines are perfect for amplifying disco lighting and visual effects.

Enhance your dance floor, halloween party or photo shoot with beams of light dancing across a haze of smoke. Pair our smoke machine and hazer hire with laser lights for an immersive party experience. Our smoke, haze and fog machines come pre-filled with fog fluid so you're ready to go.

Our disco lights and smoke machines are super easy to setup and control, with DIY friendly instructions. DJ Warehouse offers convenient pickup for smoke machine hire in Melbourne and Sydney, along with courier delivery options.

Enhance the Atmosphere

Parties & Lights

Smoke and haze diffuses party lights making their beams visible, increasing their intensity and adding depth.

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Photography & Videography

Create immersive scenes that highlight textures, lights and shadows to produce images or film infused with a sense of mystery, enchantment and intrigue.

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Airflow Testing

Smoke and Haze machines offer a clear and visible medium to assess ventilation efficiency, identify issues, and optimise airflow distribution.

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Smoke & Haze Machines

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Suitable for a wide range of applications, our range offers differing densities, adjustable output levels and manual or autonomous control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Never hired this before? These are some of the questions we get the most.

Will it work outdoors?

Whilst we typically recommend our smoke and haze machines for indoor use, they can be used outside but can be less effective depending on the coverage area and wind conditions.

Will it set off smoke detectors?

Whilst most smoke and haze will dissipate before triggering a smoke alarm, they can be triggered depending on the ventilation of the space, smoke alarm sensitivity and distance or placement of the smoke/haze machine.

Where possible, ensure your area is well ventilated, place the machine far away from the smoke alarm and test in advance.

How do I know which machine to pick?

Selecting the right machine for your event is simple, simply click the 'Book Now' button below to compare our range with useful information that will help you select the best machine for your application.

What’s the difference between smoke & haze?

Smoke and haze machines serve different purposes when creating an atmospheric effect.

Smoke machines provide a brief, intense and impactful effect, while haze offers a longer-lasting, subtle and visually enhancing atmosphere.

Both type of machines are great for enhancing party lights.

Click the 'Book Now' button for more information and to compare different models.

Why should I get a smoke/haze machine for my event?

Smoke and haze machines are great for elevating the overall atmosphere and enhancing the visual experience for your guests.

Whether you're amplifying the effect of party lights or creating an immersive atmosphere our range of smoke and haze machines will get you covered.

What Our Customers Say

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