Silent Disco Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Silent Disco Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Planning a birthday party, celebration, or even a school disco? Our silent disco headsets are the perfect solution to keep the fun going without disturbing the neighbours. Great for a hen's party or even a corporate event, a silent disco party gives a novelty twist to traditional loudspeakers. Easy to use and kid-friendly, hire silent disco equipment for your next kids' party for a unique experience they'll love.

Our high quality silent disco equipment includes headsets, bluetooth transmitters, and battery-powered gear. It's easy to use and super interactive. Pick your own playlist, making it all about what you love. You can also transmit up to 3 different audio sources to our wireless headphones, letting guests choose their own party vibe.

Our silent disco headphones are also perfect for wellness events. Think guided meditations, soothing sounds and immersive yoga. Whatever your audio needs, DJ Warehouse has all the gear you need for silent disco hire in Melbourne and Sydney. Setup is easy and hassle-free, with QR code instructions and no expertise needed.

Parties & Events

Discover the thrill of Silent Disco complete with wireless headphones, personalised music choices and noise-free dancing.

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Kid's Parties

Spark joy at kids' parties using wireless headphones to create noise-free fun and interactive dance-offs for a safe and unforgettable experience.

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Silent Conference

Grant attendees session or language selection and volume control creating an improved speaker-listener experience.

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Health & Wellness

Tailor personalised sessions in a noise-free atmosphere promoting relaxation and focus for attendees.

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Silent Disco

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Customise a Silent Disco solution for your event with the right number of headphones and up to 3 channels for different audio sources such as music playlists or speakers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Never hired this before? These are some of the questions we get the most.

How does it work?

Simply connect your audio source (e.g. smartphone, DJ mixer, etc) to one of the transmitters (provided) and your guests will be able to listen to the audio through our Silent Disco headphones. It's that simple!

Want to give your guests more audio options?

Select up to 3 audio transmitters when adding a Silent Disco bundle to your booking and let your guests choose what they want to listen to with a handy 'audio source' switch located on the headphones.

Can I load my own songs?

Of course, you can connect any personal media device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop or mixing desk) to our transmitters to stream any music playlist directly to the Silent Disco headphones.

Do you provide the music?

We don't supply music or playlists, but it's easy to connect your own playlist via your smartphone, tablet or laptop device.

Can I have multiple channels of audio?

Yes, simply select up to 3 transmitters when adding a Silent Disco bundle to your booking to enable up to 3 different audio sources to be used.

Your guests will be able to choose any audio channel they like with the handy 'audio source' switch located on the headphones.

Is it safe / suitable for younger children?

Absolutely, our Silent Disco bundles are favourites for kid's parties, daycare centres and vacation care. Children have no trouble adjusting their audio or selecting audio sources.

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