Microphone & PA System Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Microphone & PA System Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Welcome to DJ Warehouse, your one-stop destination for speaker and microphone hire in Melbourne and Sydney. Whether it's a presentation, a live performance or a wedding speech, our wide range of microphones will make your voice heard. Wired or wireless, we've got the perfect hire microphone for any event.

Our wireless headset microphones are the perfect solution for hands-free lectures and presentations. There's top quality stage microphones for a live and loud performance, with cabled or portable microphones for total flexibility. Pair a wireless microphone with DJ Warehouse speaker hire, and your audio system is ready to go.

For a great event or presentation, you'll want a reliable PA system with great sound quality. Our all-in-one packages make PA system hire simple. With options tailored to sporting events, performances and smaller events, you'll find the right audio hire solution. Setting up is easy, with DIY-friendly QR code instructions and no special skills needed.

Presentations & Announcements

Communicate your message clearly with our cabled and wireless microphone PA system solutions, perfect for delivering engaging presentations and announcements.

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Conferences & Panels

Deliver compelling talks and discussions at your panel or conference with our wireless microphone and PA systems.

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Performances & Entertainment

Elevate your performance with our range of vocal and instrument microphones, offering exceptional audio quality and versatility.

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Our versatile range of microphones solutions feature both cabled and wireless options with handheld and headset options available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Never hired this before? These are some of the questions we get the most.

What type of microphones do you have?

Our range of Shure microphones includes:

  • Vocal and instrument cabled microphones
  • Wireless handheld and headworn microphones

Click here to view our range.

How do I choose the right microphone for my event?

Our cabled microphones are a simple and reliable solution for any speech, performance or presentation.

Our handheld wireless microphones offer freedom of movement allowing for greater mobility - perfect for panel discussions, speeches/announcements, performances or presentations.

Our headworn wireless microphones offer a handsfree solution that is perfect for presenters or celebrants who are looking for greater flexibility.

Do I need a PA system to connect the microphone to?

Absolutely. Fortunately, we've made this easy with our range of PA system solutions featuring a range of different microphone options for different presentation or performance needs.

Have your own PA system? Awesome! Our microphones come with XLR and 1/4" TRS connection options to connect to any audio mixer or sound system.

How many microphones can I use at once?

Although up to 12 wireless microphones can be used at once, most of our PA system solutions facilitate connection of up to 2 microphones at a time.

Need more microphones? Get in touch with our friendly support team to get a solution tailored specifically for your needs.

Do I need a microphone stand?

We always recommend customers add a microphone stand to their booking, not only does it allow for a handsfree approach, but it also creates a more polished and professional look.

What Our Customers Say

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