Curtain Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Curtain Hire Sydney & Melbourne

Create a beautiful backdrop or just hide unwanted spaces with DJ Warehouse curtain hire in Melbourne and Sydney. If you're putting together a theatre performance, photo shoot or school event, our curtain backdrop hire provides the ideal canvas to frame your space.

Our black velvet curtains can cover, enhance or divide your space effortlessly. Curtain backdrops add a touch of professionalism to corporate events, and are a simple solution for decorating and partitioning large venues.

Versatile and stylish, our curtain hire packages are supported by lightweight pipe and drape systems. These are modular and extendable, so you can tailor your setup for your event's specific needs.

Browse our range of all-inclusive pipe and drape hire options, with all you need for a simple setup. All our party event hire gear comes with easy-to-follow QR code instructions. We've made event curtain hire easy, with convenient pickup and delivery options and simple online booking.

Professional and Polished Look

Presentations & Announcements

Add a touch of professionalism by creating a polished backdrop for your presentation or announcement event.

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Transform Your Room

Garage Parties

Cover unsightly areas and create a clean and seamless backdrop for your garage party.

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Room Divider

Functions & Exhibitions

Divide rooms to create designated areas within your function space. Ideal for exhibitions, VIP spaces and lounge areas.

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DIY Curtains

Why Use Curtains?

The flexible design of our curtain & pipe system offers a versatile solution for any event: create entrances or walkways, divide rooms, hide unsightly areas or simply add a touch of professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Never hired this before? These are some of the questions we get the most.

Can I install this myself?

Absolutely! It is possible for one person to setup our curtain & pipe systems on their own, but where possible we always recommend that two people set it up for speed and ease.

Can I get it delivered?

Yes, simply book a delivery service from one of our third-party courier partners during checkout.

Is this easy to transport?

Yes, the base plates have a carry handle, the poles come in carry bags and the curtains come in transport tubs.

Click the 'Book Now' button below to check out the exact dimensions of our curtain & drape systems.

How does the sizing work?

Each supporting pipe is 1.8m at its shortest length/height and is extendable up to 3m.

You can also connect multiple horizontal pipes together to increase the length of your curtain wall and create longer sections.

What’s the maximum height / length?

The maximum height of our pipe and drape systems is 3m.

Supporting pipe lengths start at 1.8m, but multiple horizontal pipes can be connected to increase the length beyond 20m.

What Our Customers Say

We think our curtain and pipe support system is pretty cool but don't take our word for it, here's what our customers think: