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Shure PG Drum Microphone Kit

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

3 x PG56 Microphones + Mic clips + 3 x A50D Drum Mounts 
2 x PG81 Microphones + Mic clips
1 x PG52 Microphone + Mic clip
6 x [XLR] to [XLR] signal cables

Optional: 2 x Microphone Boom Stands
Optional: 1 x Mini Microphone Boom Stand (Kick Drum)

Shure PG Drum Microphone Kit:
The Shure PG Drum Microphone Kit includes PG56 microphones for close pickup, a PG52 tuned specifically for low-end punch and  PG81 microphones which have a sensitive, flat response, ensuring that your drummer is heard at the right levels!

This kit is easy to transport, in the all-in-one travel case, and can be mounted easily with the mic clips and drum mounts provided! 

Shure PG Drum Microphone Kit

Stands: No Stands Required
Hire Period: 1 Night

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EQUIPMENT TOTAL: Regular price $60.00