IMPORTANT: Update to Service (COVID-19)

As COVID-19 continues to cause disruption and uncertainty in our communities, we recognise that this is a very tough time for not only the events industry, but also for many others and we have made significant and sweeping changes to our operational procedures to ensure that we remain compliant and COVIDSafe across all locations.

Restrictions differ across each state and are expected to fluctuate regularly. It is the responsibility of customers to ensure that their events are compliant with local, state and federal restrictions and guidelines.


Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have taken the following steps to ensure the safest possible environment for both our staff and compliant customers:

  • COVIDSafe plans and new operational methods have been adopted to enable a quicker, smoother in-store pickup and return process.
  • Bookings can be delivered or returned via a contactless Courier Service ($30 each way).
  • Terms of Hire will be processed online to minimise the number of medium and high touch points.
  • In some cases, we will offer customers the opportunity to sign the Terms of Hire in advance to minimise time spent in-store.
  • Regular high and medium touch points (such as counter tops, clipboards, etc) will be cleaned by staff between contact by different people.  
  • Equipment will be cleaned thoroughly with a disinfecting agent (as per normal).
  • Where possible, equipment will be rotated ensuring that no item will be used twice by different customers within a 72 hour period.



Our Terms of Hire and Refund Policy still apply, so if you are looking to make a booking and you are unsure whether your event will be proceeding, please contact your local Warehouse for information on stock availability.
Our Customer Support team will be more than happy to develop a quote that can be locked in with payment at a stage where you are certain your event is going ahead. 



In light of the governments recent restrictions on gatherings and emphasis on the importance of social distancing, we strongly implore anyone considering hosting an event during this time to consider the implications of doing so and to ensure that you are abiding by the government restrictions and recommendations.

Simply put, if you are considering hosting an event that breaches these restrictions, thus increasing the risk of transmission of COVID-19, please reconsider what you’re doing, and certainly don’t hire with us.

Please continue to support your local small businesses where you can, and where it is safe to do so. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and taking every precaution to protect your health and the health of those around you. 

- DJ Warehouse Hire Team