Shure BLX Wireless Instrument Bodypack

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

1 x Shure BLX4 Receiver
1 x Shure WA302 Instrument Cable
1 x Shure BLX1 Beltpack Transmitter
1 x [XLR] to [XLR]
1 x [XLR] to [1/4" Jack]
2 x AA Batteries (up to 14 hours of operation)

Shure BLX Instrument Bodypack:

Note: QLD Customers will be supplied with a an SLX system, this is almost identical in appearance and performance.


If the Shure BLX Wireless Instrument Bodypack is not available for your booking dates contact us to discuss alternative options for your event.

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Shure BLX Wireless Instrument Bodypack:

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