Battery LED Uplight

Battery LED Uplight

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

Our Battery LED Up-lights are packaged in sets of 4, giving you enough pieces to light up a room & setting up all lights in under a minute.

Together with their Charger and Remote Control, they are supplied in an easy to transport and stackable tub and are the perfect DIY light.


Using our handy Remote Control, you can instantly set the lights to a mode of your choice:

Still: Select a single colour
Auto: Colour Flash Mode, great as a fast moving effect
Fade: Colour Transition Mode, great for an ambient effect

  • Battery powered
  • 8 hour run time
  • Remote Control
  • Preset Colours: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Cyan
  • Functions: Still Colour, Fade, Auto , Sound Active, Strobe
  • Light Source: 4x 12W RGBWA-UV 6in1 LED
  • Single Colour On: 18 hour run time
  • Double Colours On: 9 hour run time
  • All Colours On: 4 hour run time
  • Recharge Time: 4 hours
  • Color Mixing: RGBWA-UV Color Mixing
  • Colour Presets: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan
  • Optical Lens: 40°
  • Remote Control: IRC Remote
  • DMX Channels: 6/10 CH
  • Run Modes: Fade, Auto, Sound Active
  • Size: 130x130x122mm
  • Weight: 1.9Kgs
  • Water Resistance: Splash Proof
Setup Instructions

Our Battery Powered LED Uplights are packaged in sets of four.

Together with their Charger and Remote Control, supplied in an easy to transport and stackable tub they are the perfect DIY light.

To set-up the Battery Powered Wireless LED Uplights, simply:

  1. Position each light as desired (we recommend walls, trees, columns, furniture, etc for best effect)
  2. Follow this guide to use the remote (supplied) to set the lights to the mode of your choosing (we recommend static colours or colour fade modes)
  3. Each light will typically last 8-12 hours so once you've setup, be sure to leave the lights off until just before guests arrive. 
Extra Tips
  • Battery power - With a built in rechargeable battery there is no need to run power cables to each LED uplight. The battery operated uplight give you wireless battery operation.
    Once charged at 100% battery life for each wireless uplight will typically 8-12 hours off a single charge, dependent on colour selection. We advise to place all the LED uplights in their desired location, test them and then turn off from the main power switch till the start of the event.
  • Charging - the LED uplights are charged to 100% when they pass through our test procedure, which gives them an operating time of 8-12 hours. Once out on hire they can be recharged with the supplied charger from 0 to 100% in approximately 4 hours. Each LED uplight has a % charge level meter that can be accessed from the menu.
  • These Lights are NOT Waterproof - The Battery powered LED uplight is not waterproof and therefore can not be left in the rain. It is however splash proof so small splashes of liquid that may occur from drinks are ok. General exposure to liquids still needs to be considered.
  • Light Brightness and Dispersion - The battery powered luminaire has a wide throw angle of 40 degrees. This makes it suitable for low ceilings where a wide dispersion is best. Ceiling heights off up to 4 meters are perfect for this unit.
  • If you desire a narrower beam for ceiling up to 4 meters we recommend the use of the Battery Powered Spotlight.
  • For ceiling height of greater than 4 meters a narrower beam angle that remains tight and bright beyond 4M is necessary. The Battery Powered Floodlight is best for this with 3 times the light output and a 25 degree light dispersion angle.
  • Placement - When using as an uplight a spacing of about 2 meters between lights works well and maintains light separation between each “column” of light. In a four sided room lighting up two or three walls leaving one bare works well.

    Therefore in a small to medium size room of 100-200 sqm you would use four LED uplights on each wall, totalling to twelve for three walls. Typical cost for DIY uplight set up is therefore less than $180.
  • Light Colours - There are a number of selections possible:
    - Fifteen preset colours
    - An auto colour fade which progressively fades from one colour to the next.
    - A sound activation mode that ‘snaps” from one colour to the next with the beat of the music.
    - The Uplight has 6 coloured LEDS which when adjusted in intensity and mixed together can give you any colour desired. The available LEDS are RGBWA.UV. (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and Ultra Violet)
    - UV will make white and fluorescent colours glow in the dark and also allow to create pastel light colours.
    - It should be noted that not all LED uplights have all 6 LEDS for colour mixing, some only have 4 (RGBW) and hence the possible colour range is more limited
  • Ambient Colour Selection - An Ambient Light effect is best achieved by choosing two complementing or contrasting colours. Choose the colours to match the events colour palette or to set the mood of the room select a warm or cool colour combination.
  • Party Sound Active Mode - If you are looking for a dynamic lighting effect the uplights can be set to sound activation mode. This mode will snap to a new colour with each beat of the music. Set them all to sound activation to have a constant random colour change amongst all the lights or set each alternating one to a fixed colour and let the other half change colour.
  • Lighting Up Truss - the Cube H4 is perfect for internally illuminating truss. Place on the ground for upright pieces of truss or attach a lighting clamp if required for a horizontal member
  • Other placement and rigging - With the use of the 50mm clamp the light can be attached to any lighting bar. Please note that wireless DMX is not available on this fixture. For wireless DMX use the Battery Powered Flood Light
  • Battery Powered PARCAN Uplight Hire - The 4 Way LED Uplight eliminates the bulkiness and hot surface issues that traditional PAR56 PARCANS exhibited.

    Being a 100% wireless, battery operated light it allows for fast easy set up.
    The freedom of battery powered uplights allows for quick and easy set up.


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Battery LED Uplight:

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