D&B C7-Top Loudspeaker

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

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This system can only be delivered and installed and is not available for dry-hire.

The C7 is a full range, two-way horn loaded loudspeaker, which provides full range coverage at very high SPLs. The coaxial constant directivity design maintains a nominal dispersion of 75° x 40° down to 600 Hz. The 15" LF driver is loaded with a vented enclosure and passively crossed over to a 1.5" exit HF compression driver. It maintains a high efficiency from 18 kHz down to 68 Hz and consequently, for applications that do not demand very low frequencies additional subwoofers are not required.

Where higher SPLs with sufficient bass-headroom is needed, the C7-TOP can be supplemented with two C7-SUBs for a powerful PA.

System data:

Frequency response:                      68 Hz - 18 kHz
Max. sound pressure (with D12):    138 dB

Loudspeaker data:

Nominal impedance:                       8 ohms
Power handling capacity:                800 W
Nominal dispersion angle (h x v):    75° x 40°
Components:                                  15" driver/1.5" compression driver with a passive crossover network
Connections:                                   2 x EP5
Weight:                                            52 kg
Dimensions H/W/D:                         580/580/620mm
Dimensions H/W/D with wheels:     580/580/726mm

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