Budget Lighting Pack

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

  • Regular price $59.00

2 x Shotgun Party Light
1 x Smoke Machine 650
2 x Lighting Stands
*All associated cables

Optional: Full Colour Laser

Budget Lighting Pack:
Get the party started with the Budget Lighting Pack! It features two Shotgun Party Lights and a Smoke Machine 650, creating a party atmosphere without breaking the bank! 

This system is easy to setup and operate! The party lights are sound-reactive, with no operation required, simply plug into power and you're ready to go! Allow 10-15 minutes for the Smoke Machine 650 to heat the fluid (supplied), and trigger the smoke as required, with a simple remote switch.

Please Note: In the majority of cases, our Fog Fluid is not detected by Smoke Alarms/Detectors, however, we strongly advise contacting your Venue to confirm whether Smoke Machine use is permitted.