Nimbus Low-Lying Fog Effect

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1 x Nimbus Dry Ice Fogger
1 x Transport Trolley
1 x Dry Ice 10kg with Transport Container
1 x Protective Gloves (pair)
1 x Protective Goggles
1 x Water Container
1 x Dry Ice Non Conductive Scoop
1 x 20m Heavy-Duty Power Cable

Nimbus Low-Lying Fog Effect:
Dance on a cloud! A dance floor the size of 8x8 meters will be covered in less than 30 seconds! There are many machines out there that claim they can create a low-lying fog effect however none of them compare to the true Dry Ice low lying fog effect.
Unlike the other options the Dry Ice fog effect is the only one that creates a genuine low fog effect that doesn’t rise. It will not rise and fog up the room, nor will it set off any smoke alarms, it will simply hug the ground and eventually disappear.

The standard output lasts for 6-9 minutes (variation in time depends on air temperature, flow and humidity). 

A longer duration is possible at a cost of $120 per 6-9 minutes (10kg Dry Ice Pellets)
To create an illuminated effect an LED wash lights can be installed along the ground. 
The Nimbus is an equivalent of the Pea Souper Dry Ice Fogger in output.

This unit can be hired with together with a supply dry ice on its own or with an operator. Our operator will deliver and prepare the effect for exact time you want it activated.

Note: The Nimbus Low-Fog Effect must be booked at least one week prior to the event date. 

Dry Ice MSDS
Dry Ice Safety Data
Nimbus Operating Manual