Silent Disco Yoga Pack

Silent Disco Yoga Pack

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

Silent Disco Yoga Pack
Silent Disco Headphones
Silent Disco Battery-Powered Transmitter
Lapel Microphone
Battery-Powered Transmitter Charger
3.5mm - 3.5mm Cable (to connect a Music Playback Device)

*A music playback device (iPod/Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop) is NOT included with this package. This system does not include pre-loaded playlists or music.

How Silent Disco Works:

  • Each pack comes with fully charged battery powered Silent Disco Headphones (that last for approx. 5 hours) and a Silent Disco Transmitter.
  • Connect your music playback device (Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop Computer) to the Silent Disco Transmitter using the AUX (headphone) cord provided (if your device does not have an AUX connection you will need to use the adaptor that came with your music playback device - we do not supply these adaptors).
  • Connect the Lapel Microphone to the Battery-Powered Transmitter
  • Using the switch on the transmitter, select channel 1.
  • Switch your Silent Disco Headphone to channel 1 to hear the audio being played by the music playback device connected to the transmitter.
  • Headphones come fully charged and last for approx. 5 hours.
  • Each Transmitter comes with an AUX (3.5mm headphone) cord. If you are connecting to a Smartphone or Tablet that does not have an AUX connection you will need the headphone adaptor that came with your phone. These adaptors are not supplied.
  • Need a Battery-Powered Transmitter or more Headphones for your event? Get in contact for a price!


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Silent Disco Yoga Pack:

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