Chill Out Party Pack

Chill Out Party Pack

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

Transform your home or venue into an ambient party space with the Chill Out Party Pack!

This package includes a sound system accompanied by both 'chill out' and dance floor party lighting so that you can create a unique party atmosphere in multiple spaces around your home or venue.

Included in Package:

2 x JBL Pro Speakers
1 x Audio Receiver + AUX cable
2 x Speaker Stands 

'Chill Out' Lighting:
2 x Astro Ball Light
2 x Uplights
1 x Water Wave Light

Optional Add-ons:
1 x Microphone (Cabled or Wireless)
1 x Kosmic Laser + Stand
2 x UV Black Lights + Stands



  1. Sound

With two speakers on stands with crystal clear highs and a 15 inch sub for deep bass the JBL Pro Sound system has enough output for a house party to a venue dance floor with over 100 people.

Connect to your music source via AUX cable, Bluetooth or USB Smart Drive using the Audio Receiver (provided).

Note: smartphone-specific adaptor not supplied

Included in Package:
2 x JBL Pro Speakers
2 x Speaker Stands
1 x Audio Receiver

Optional Add-on:
1 x Microphone (cabled or wireless)

  2. Chill Out Lighting


Chill Out Lighting


Create two different chill out space spaces.

Use the Astro Ball effect in one space.

Astro Ball Effect:
The Astro Ball projects a wide spread of spots over the walls and ceiling creating a “mirror-ball' effect. Select colours and control the movement speed allowing to create a specific mood.

Water Wave Effect:
The Water Wave effect projects a water ripple effect over a large area. Project onto the celling or a wall, select your colour or set to a slow colour fade mode.

Up Lights:
Add the up lights to each space to light up the walls to a colour of your choice.

For a UV 'glow-in-the-dark' experience add a pair of UV Black Lights (optional).

Included in Package:

2 x Astro Ball (ambient mood light)
2 x Uplights (ambient mood light)
1 x Uplight Remote
1 x Water Wave (ambient mood light)

Optional Add-on:
1 x Kosmic Laser
2 x UV Black Lights + Stands 

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Chill Out Party Pack:

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