Headworn PA200 System (Wireless)

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

2 x JBL PRX615 Powered Speakers
1 x Yamaha MG06 Mixer/Allen & Heath Zed 6 Mixer
1 x Shure Wireless Headset Microphone
1 x Shure SLX/BLX Wireless Handheld Microphone*
1 x Shure PG58 Cabled Microphone
2 x Speaker Stands
+ All associated cables

Optional: Power Source

Headworn PA200 System (Wireless):
Want to conduct a presentation or announcement without having to hold onto a handheld microphone? This PA system is our wireless headworn microphone solution for presentations and announcements that are being addressed to large audiences. 

This system is easy to setup! Simply connect the wireless microphone receiver and speakers to the mixer provided, plug into power, and you're ready to go! 

*The wireless handheld microphone is provided for backup purposes only and cannot be used in conjunction with the headworn microphone.

  • Total: Regular price $169.00