Soundcraft Ui16 Mixer

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

1 x Soundcraft UI16 Mixer


12 Mic/Ins + 4 Mic ins, 2 offering Digitech Amp Modelling
4 Aux Outs XLR
4 Band Parametric EQ on all inputs
Lexicon Reverb and Delays
31 band EQ on all outputs
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Soundcraft Ui16 Mixer:
Bring the flexibility of digital mixing to your next band gig. Offering features that are normally reserved for high end digital mixers, the UI16 offers 12 mono input channels each with 4 band parametric EQ, compression + FX, plus  group routing and AUX sends for easy foldback setup. The UI is compatible with any tablet/phone with a browser, just login to the built in hotspot and you can be finalising your soundcheck in minutes.

The browser interface on UI16 is quite simple, but as with any band system setup, experience with digital/analog mixing is required for best results.

- iPad/Tablet not supplied
- The Ui16 is compatible with any iPad, Android Tablet or Laptop with WiFi access
- Operational experience required, additional support for this item is not available

  • Total: Regular price $60.00