Soundcraft FX16ii Mixer

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

1 x Soundcraft FX16ii Mixing Desk
1 x Power cable (7m)

Soundcraft FX16ii Mixer:
The Soundcraft FX16ii Mixing Desk is an "all-in-one" solution for any band, or series of live performers who require up to 16 microphone inputs.
Each of the 16 inputs has a Mic Pre-Amp, a Line Input, Insert capability for Compressors and EQ's, and Direct Output for recording up to 16-track recorders as well. 
This unit also features a 32 Lexicon digital effects processor onboard, a LF filter on each microphone input, volume adjustments for each send and return, and a L-R sub group output. 

Soundcraft FX16ii Mixer

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