Shure BLX Wireless Headworn Microphone

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

1 x Shure BLX Receiver
1 x Shure SM35 Headset Microphone or MX153 Earset Microphone
1 x Shure Beltpack Transmitter
1 x [XLR] to [XLR]
1 x [XLR] to [1/4" Jack]
2 x AA Batteries (up to 14 hours of operation)

Shure BLX Wireless Headworn Microphone:
The Shure BLX Headworn is a comfortable wireless Headworn microphone that utilises both the quality and stability of the Shure BLX receiver that professionals expect for musical performances, presentations and announcements! It's easy to setup! Simply connect the receiver to your mixing console, ensure the belt-pack channel is paired with the receiver, and you're ready to go!

Reception range is up to 100 meters in an ideal outdoor situation with no interference. For indoor use in city environments assume a range of 25-50 meters.

Dependant on environment up to 12 systems may be used simultaneously. Please consult with our customer service staff if your are using multiple units, they can assist in guiding you with its use and also include antenna combiners that will assist with this type of use.

Note: QLD Customers will be supplied with a WH30 microphone and SLX system, this is almost identical in appearance and performance.


If the Shure BLX Wireless Headworn Microphone is not available for your booking dates contact us to discuss alternative options for your event.

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Shure BLX Wireless Headworn Microphone:

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