Band PA300 System

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops


2 x JBL SRX835 Powered Speakers (2000W each)
2 x JBL SRX828 Powered Subwoofers (2000W each)
4 x JBL PRX615M Powered Loudspeakers (1000W each)
1 x Soundcraft 32ch SI Impact Digital Mixing Console
1 x Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 16
1 x CAT5 Cable (25m)
3 x Shure SM57 Microphones
1 x Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Microphone
2 x Shure BLX BETA58 Wireless Handheld Microphones
2 x Shure BLX Wireless Instrument Bodypacks
7 x Microphone Boom Stands
2 x Mini Microphone Boom Stand
3 x Drum Mounts

Band PA300 System:
Take control of your next gig with:
- 8000 Watts of JBL’s SRX, top-of-the-line Plug & Play Powered 4-way Sound System
- Soundcraft’s SI Impact 32ch Mixing console with all onboard effects and processing
- Shure Wireless Microphones adding to easy set-up and performance freedom
- Ease of set-up with the Soundcraft Digital Stage Box

*The Band PA300 System requires a large vehicle and at least 2 people to transport. Additional delivery/set-up charges apply. Please contact us for more information*
This package is not available in the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas.

  • Total: Regular price $600.00