Mirror Ball 20" / 50cm

Mirror Ball 20" / 50cm

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops


1 x Disco/Mirror Ball - 20" / 50cm
1 x Mirror Ball Motor (optional)
4 x Battery Powered Pinspots (optional)

Mirror Ball 20" / 50cm:
The 20" Disco Mirror Ball is an ideal atmospheric solution for smaller to medium sized parties or events.
Use in combination with a pinspot light to reflect hundreds of light beams throughout your event space to create the perfect dance floor atmosphere.

Ideal for rooms with a roof height of at least 3m.

Weight: 4.7kg
Size: Diameter 20” / 50cm

By using a set of four Battery Powered Pinspot Lights you can light up the mirror ball in whatever colour you want. You may also choose an auto colour changing mode or a sound activated colour change mode for a great party effect.

Adding a motor is not essential and can make installation of the ball much easier. Running power to the motor can be difficult and in some cases look messy. If a spinning effect is needed a fixing point that can hold at least 6kg will be necessary.

Hang off a secure hanging point that can hold at least 6kg. Use the supplied chain to attach the motor to point or loop over a pipe or beam.
Due to the unknown nature of location-specific mounting points, we are unable to provide installation services with Mirror Balls.


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Mirror Ball 20" / 50cm:

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