LED Vertical Blast Fogger 1500

LED Vertical Blast Fogger 1500

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

1 x Vertical Blast Fogger
1 x 2.5L of Fluid

- 32pcs 3W RGB LEDs (for colourful fog effect)
- Various placing ways, can be placed horizontally or on its side, or hung up-side-down
- Digital display control, Wireless control, DMX control
- Initial Heat Up Time: 4 minutes
- Reheat Time: 30 seconds
- Maximum Effect Output Time: 7 seconds
- Output: 32,000 cuft/min
- Fluid Consumption Rate: 6.3minutes/L
- Tank Capacity: 2.5L
- Weight: 8.7Kg
- Dimensions: 475 x 315 x 205mm

LED Vertical Blast Fogger 1500:
The LED Vertical Fog Machine blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 32 high-power (3w) LEDs.

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LED Vertical Blast Fogger 1500:

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