DJ Deck 1200

DJ Deck 1200

  • Compatible With Most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

1x 1200mm x 600mm DJ Stage Deck
4x Stage Legs (300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm)

Optional: Stage Skirt

DJ Deck 1200:
The DJ Deck 1200 has enough room to able to accommodate most basic DJ setups (up to 2 CD Players and a mixer).
The stage dimension is 1.2m long, 0.6m deep, and 0.9m high, and the legs are removable for ease of transport.
If you require stage deck mobility and ease of movement, select the wheeled legs option below.

*We have 2 different types of Stage Deck, one pictured above and a slimline version. If you are using our stage deck for photography or videography, please contact us to ensure you receive the desired Stage Deck.


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DJ Deck 1200:

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